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GSM - Genesis Messaging Suite


Genesis Messaging Suite - GSM

GMS is a new generation messaging tool armed with traditional features.


On a daily basis, we’re forever on the look-out for the fastest and most efficient communication mediums. And today we can safely assert that SMS/ Messaging is a crucial and timely medium of communication.

Everyone, including small businesses, large businesses, private sector, government sector and other segments are using SMS/ Messaging service as their first communication medium. That explains why Genesis Messaging Suite (GMS) exists.

Genesis Messaging Suite (GMS) is a traditional messaging tool that boasts of new and interesting features inbuilt in it. It provides end-to-end solutions for your messaging communication that covers factors such as:

  1. How to manage the data
  2. How to manage the template
  3. How to see the reports
  4. How to see the results
  5. How to see the Stats/ Graphs of your campaigns
    ( PLEASE NOTE: If statistics is the word intended, better to use it)
  6. How to create users inside the panel, etc.

Exceedingly simple, every single feature of GMS can be availed of. Support and FaQs too are available in the panel. And if you do get stuck…explore further or swiftly dial our customer care number for rescue relief!

GMS consists of powerful tools for messaging such as:

  1. SMPP
  2. GUI